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Summer Dip



Have your vacation and your voice lessons too!

Summer is a time to relax and play, but it's also a great time to do something for you. 


With flex scheduling, you design the perfect summer that doesn't sacrifice your vocal progress.


Level up your technique, experience positive mindset shifts, and feel confident in your voice! You'll thank yourself for putting time and energy into your voice this summer.


Package Includes:

(4) one-hour private lessons

Online or in-person July 1 — September 1

Flex scheduling

Lesson recordings


*$20 savings off regular 4-lesson package
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Nechama Leah is not only a warm and encouraging person, but also a highly trained musician who teaches healthy vocal technique as a tool to reveal her student’s true voice. I joke that she tricks me into singing songs I thought I couldn’t sing."


"I had no idea that the way I've been singing my whole life was only one sliver of my voice. Nechama Leah helped me find my authentic voice, which turns out has many facets! She has helped me find more resources within myself to improve on what I love - to sing!"


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