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Voice Lessons

Get freedom of expression instead of always worrying about how the sound will come out.

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Great singing happens when
technique meets soul

Stellar technique doesn't make you an artist, and passion alone doesn't always produce the sound you want.


You need both!


In voice lessons, you'll get the technical tools you need to CHOOSE how you want to sing. 


We'll also work on developing your unique sound and style so you can be a confident performer.

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During voice lessons with me you'll:

Develop vocal balance so you can sing without flips, cracks, or strain.

Get the technical tools to sing however you want

Increase your range, power, ease and agility

Learn to sing with more style and musicality. 

Let go of limiting beliefs about your voice so you can love the
experience of singing. 

Prepare your voice so you can walk onto the stage and into the studio with confidence!

Ready to level up your singing?

Let's work together!



Great for audition or performance prep


Available for coaching during studio recording 


Choose 1, 2, or 3 lessons per month

Keep up lesson consistency even though you're busy


Book additional lessons at the same membership rate

Get access to exclusive online member community


Participate in monthly office hour calls and studio masterclasses


Lessons roll over while your membership is active

For rates for students in Israel, please be in touch

Student Love

"Nechama Leah helped me find my authentic voice and more resources within myself to improve on what I love - to sing!"

Hadar M.

Want to try it out before signing up for a studio membership?
Book a discounted intro lesson
and start improving your voice today!

Learn to get out of your head and sing with more freedom and ease.

Why We LOVE Virtual Lessons

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All you need is a computer and/or a phone with good internet connection. Plus no crazy commute! 

Work with the teacher that's best for you, even if she lives all the way in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel! I have the pleasure of working with students and voice teachers all over the world. 

You get professional training in the comfort of your own home. And you can totally show up in your PJs. What's not to love?

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