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Hi, I'm Nechama Leah!

I'm a singer, voice teacher and mom. I live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, with my husband and two adorable daughters. I love dancing, sushi, and the color purple (as you can probably tell). 


I was that kid that was always singing, dancing, and imitating funny voices. I performed in school musicals and played classical violin from 8 years old. 

Believe it or not I was a Violin major in college, but somehow I ended up in a choir and discovered oh hey, I'm actually a SINGER! Once I started voice lessons, something changed. I became more confident, after years of being stuck in my perfectionism and insecurity. 


I started to own my voice.  


I believe that singing connects us to our true selves in a way no other instrument can.


My teaching style is a blend of technical and spiritual and explores the mind-body connection in singing. 

My goal for my students is to find vocal balance while cultivating their unique artistry.  

I have a Bachelor of Music Degree (Vocal Performance) from California State University, Sacramento, and I'm a Certified Instructor through the Institute for Vocal Advancement.


I teach women and teen girls 17+, who are looking to hone their skills with professional training, create positive singing and performance mindsets, and become the amazing singers they know they can be. 


I'd love to help you on your singing journey! 

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