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How to Nail Your Next Singing Audition

Updated: Jun 9

Auditions are stressful! It feels like there is so much that can go wrong. So prepare yourself in advance so that a lot can go right.

Here's my breakdown of how to prepare an audition you can feel proud of: 

1. Be intentional with your song choice. 

  • Get to know the show and/or character you're auditioning for. Do you want to be seen as funny, quirky, or serious? Is it a young part or older? Male or female? These details inform your song choice.  

  • Don't choose a slow ballad if you're hoping to land a role as a quick-talking comedic type. You want the casting director to have an easy time envisioning you as the part you're hoping for. 

  • If you need an audition cut, choose a section that will make you shine. 

2. Plan your acting. 

  • Outline what your song's character is trying to say. What's the main emotion? Is there an underlying emotion? Would this emotion be more naturally expressed with big gestures, or small understated movements? 

  • SPEAK the lyrics to connect with the emotion better. 

  • Video yourself practicing the song so you can objectively see what you'd like to tweak. 

3. Practice! 

  • Duh, right? ...  But listen! Singing your song over and over is not practice. Dissect the parts that aren't working for you, and get help when needed to fix something technical.  Your voice works on muscle memory, so repeating something incorrectly a bunch of times will only reinforce it. 

  • Record or video yourself and listen for musicality and expression as well as vocal technique. 

4. Get nervous before the audition. 

  • Most of us have some degree of stage fright. It takes practice to overcome it, but probably not the kind you think. It doesn't matter how many times you sing it in the comfort of your home, belting it out like no one is listening. You gotta practice making yourself uncomfortable. 

  • Sing your song while jogging around your room. This elevates your heart rate similar to how being nervous does. 

  • If you're feeling daring, take a cold shower and force yourself to sing the whole song while under the cold water. This is great practice for helping your body and voice come back to balance while in a stressful situation. 

  • Sing for your friends and family leading up to the audition! 

  • Important: when you're running through your song (as if during a performance), don't stop if you mess up! Keep going just like you would in an audition. 

5. Let your best self shine. 

  • While you're waiting to go on for your audition slot, do some breathing to calm your nervous system. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth slowly.

  • Say a few affirmations (like "I am ready to share my gift,"  "I am going to sing great," or "I am enough," whatever resonates with you). 

  • When you walk into the audition room, the casting director is forming impressions of you in a matter of seconds. Show them the real you! Smile, walk in like you're happy to be there, and announce yourself confidently. 

  • While you are singing, do not think about how you are being perceived!!! Your mind should be on what your character is going through. Be your character. Even though you're in a weird room with a panel staring at you, you MUST act as if you're on stage.

  • If you mess up, just keep going. No apologies! This shows a level of professionalism necessary for live performing. 

  • Enjoy yourself as much as you can. View the interaction as an opportunity to do what you love, not a court trial.  The stakes don't feel so high if you trust there will always be more opportunities coming your way!  Hatzlacha raba! 💜

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