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How To Warm Up Your Voice for Singing

If you're here you probably know that vocal warmups aren't just for professional Opera singers!

Whether you sing pop, rock, or Irish folk song (I don't know...), we all need to warm up our voices before we sing to maintain vocal health and ensure our best vocal quality.

So what's the best way to warmup?

  1. Make sure to warm up your body (your body is your instrument, girl!) with a few stretches, deep breaths, and even laps around the room.

  2. Sing exercises starting from your low range, up to high, and then back down. You can start with something simple like humming.

  3. Use exercises that have words or consonant sounds in addition to open vowels.

  4. Practice getting a resonant sound on all the vowels.

  5. Incorporate exercises with long legato or interval jumps to practice connecting to your breath.

Watch this video to learn some of my favorite vocal exercises. Hit play and sing with me!

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