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Demystify Your Mix Masterclass

Learn to Sing With More Ease, Power & Authenticity

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Does the term "mix" confuse you?

Maybe you strain by pulling up your chest voice when you go for the high notes. Or you have an obvious flip into your head voice, and it's weaker than you want. 

You know you need to mix but the logistics are a little foggy.

It's frustrating! I know. But I got you.

My 2-hour Demystify Your Mix Masterclass gives you the tools you need to sing with a seamless, unified sound across your range, including in that pesky passage area. 

You'll be able to sing higher, stronger, and with more ease than you imagined possible. 

No more cracks or breaks, so you can sing with CONFIDENCE

How The Masterclass Works

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Past Masterclass Student Love

Sheet Music and Guitar

"Nechama Leah's class was informative, practical, and fun! She has clearly mastered  the art of teaching the nuances that perfect even a seasoned singer. 

Tova L., NY


It was interesting to watch other people sing and learn from a more objective perspective.  And having the observers give positive feedback was a confidence boost!

Retro Microphone

Nechama Leah's Masterclass was the first time I felt like I could belt without straining. It was such a lightbulb moment for me!

Simi B., UK

Chemdi R., MD


Get expert vocal coaching and learn from other singers' aha moments!

$40 for singers
$20 for observers

If you've been yearning to take voice lessons but haven't had the time or money, here is your chance to get personalized help at a fraction of the cost.  

For women and teen girls 17+.

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